jeudi 7 octobre 2010

Game Project

== > Invent a game for 6 players.
        It should reflect your your curiosity, particular interests and inventiveness.

Well, i was in France when i found out about this project game and my mind was thinking so strongly when i thought i needed a game easy to carry in a suitcase! That is how the idea of a card game came to me.
While i was watching TV, turning channels, and when all i could find was cooking shows and i thought why not a card game for food? After all is cooking not an art? 
I believe that food is a way of discovering about eachother and that it can brings discussions. Also, it is very talked about at the moment as much in France as in England and i guess in a lot of other countries.

So here it is :

  Recipes of the world

How to play :

Each player takes 1 card from the STARTERS, 1 from the MAINS and 1 from the DESERTS, then 6 cards from the INGREDIENTS are distributed to each player.
The goal is to get each ingredient that you need to get your complete menu.
To get the ingredients the first player asks for one ingredients to his neighbour on the left, if the person to the left has the card, he HAS TO give it, if not then the player picks up a card in the deck.
The first who gets his complete menu WINS.


mercredi 6 octobre 2010

Party Project

 A party with no guests

==> Create a party on the above theme

You should make suitable :  

  • Decorations
  • Costumes 
  • Food and Drink
  • Music/Sounds

After an awkward silence...................., we decided to close the door with cling film and to bring empty bottles, empty boxes to represent the idea that there is a party but we do not need what is inside because there are no guests.
After all, a party with no guests, what is the point? So, we made a party with no point!


mardi 5 octobre 2010

Video project

---> Make a Sweded of Citizen Kane.

A sweded : The process is called sweding, upon completion the film has been sweded.
It comes from the Michel Gondry film Be kind Rewind when the characters must re-record classic movies to replace broken VHS tapes. The process is described in the film as “re-making something from scratch using whatever you can get your hands on.”

This was our second group project and i cannot really explain this experience because it turned out that we had some problems with the camera but the great thing about this project is that i discovered a brilliant film : Citizen Kane by Orson Welles.

Orson Welles, was an American filmmaker, actor, theatre director, screenwriter, and producer, who worked extensively in film, theatre, television and radio. Noted for his innovative dramatic productions as well as his distinctive voice and personality, Welles is widely acknowledged as one of the most accomplished dramatic artists of the twentieth century. 

He made Citizen Kane in 1941, it was his first feature film, in which he starred in the iconic role of Charles Foster Kane. It is often considered the greatest film ever made because of his innovative cinematography, music and narrative structure, more particulary his distinctive directorial style featured layered, nonlinear narrative forms, innovative uses of lighting and chiaroscuro, unique camera angles, sound techniques borrowed from radio, deep focuse shots, and long takes.

vendredi 1 octobre 2010

Liverpool Trip

Liverpool Biennial

Exhibition : Walker Art Gallery
Artist Name : Allen Jones
Nationality : English
Work Title : Hermaphrodite
Dimentions : ~ 2m x 1m

I noticed this painting at the Walker Art Gallery and i have chosen to write a review about this one because it is one of the paintings i spent the most time wondering about.
My frist questions were why can we not see the faces of the characters? and Why is the colour yellow dominant in this painting?
By looking at the painting from a distance, another question came, why is the background so clear and symetric when the main subjects are distorted?
The title of the painting is Hermaphrodite which means by definition :  "an individual in which reproductive organs of both sexes are present"
So why can we see the women's shape more than the man ?
This question brought me to read the description of the painting  which says that " it is one of his [Allen Jones] first portrayals of hermaphrodites". 
Then, the latter brought me to my last question and also to my answers :

How has the artist's future work been influenced by the women?