jeudi 7 octobre 2010

Game Project

== > Invent a game for 6 players.
        It should reflect your your curiosity, particular interests and inventiveness.

Well, i was in France when i found out about this project game and my mind was thinking so strongly when i thought i needed a game easy to carry in a suitcase! That is how the idea of a card game came to me.
While i was watching TV, turning channels, and when all i could find was cooking shows and i thought why not a card game for food? After all is cooking not an art? 
I believe that food is a way of discovering about eachother and that it can brings discussions. Also, it is very talked about at the moment as much in France as in England and i guess in a lot of other countries.

So here it is :

  Recipes of the world

How to play :

Each player takes 1 card from the STARTERS, 1 from the MAINS and 1 from the DESERTS, then 6 cards from the INGREDIENTS are distributed to each player.
The goal is to get each ingredient that you need to get your complete menu.
To get the ingredients the first player asks for one ingredients to his neighbour on the left, if the person to the left has the card, he HAS TO give it, if not then the player picks up a card in the deck.
The first who gets his complete menu WINS.


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