lundi 20 septembre 2010

Amnesty International

For my second assignment in Contextual and Professional Studies Framework I have chosen the question 8 which is: "Using an example of a company, or product that you have chosen from contemporary culture, discuss how the image of this company, or product has been visually constructed through branding and advertising."

I have always been interessted in advertising and have even considered it as a future career but I am still not sure because I do not want to work for companies selling mindless product. This is why, for my assignement I have chosen to work with the image of Amnesty International. All the campaigns made about this company represent what I like in advertising, they are really artistic, full of creativity  with a huge impact and a strong message!
To give an idea of how I would like to work with advertising, here is one of my favorite adverts made to promote the company.

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