dimanche 19 septembre 2010

New shapes

         Once my first prototypes were made I realised that the shape of the keys were not appropriate, so to better express the antique aspect I decided to make new shapes based on the Mary Greg's collection.
        I have also engraved the website (marymaryquitecontrary.org.uk) and my catch phrase ("Would you like to know where this key gives you access to?") on the keys so once they have the flyer, people can directly go on the website and know what this is all about. Moreover, I believe the fact that people cannot see all the information as on a traditionnal flyer, adds intrigue which will entice the holder to investigate futher.

20cm, wood, full engraving

20cm, plastic, full engraving

15cm, wood, full engraving

15cm, plastic, full engraving

15cm, wood, hollow engraved

These keys are bigger and thicker than the first one's which might be a problem to be flyers but I can make them smaller and it gave me the idea that we could put the bigger one's in strategic places all over Manchester such as well known pubs, art galleries or museums this could promote the event even better.

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