samedi 18 septembre 2010

It's all about perception

This project is about the influence of masculine and feminine through languages.

The starting point of this project came from a thought that I have had when I have begun to learn English. Do I see the world and art in a different way from others people because of my mother tongue?

Basically, do languages affect our way to see the world?

In French everything is masculine or feminine, starting from a car to emotions such as love or anger, so does it make me think differently or does it add barriers to things that we take for granted?

As well as I wanted to develop this project I also wanted to develop my skills in making and editing video. Thus, I rented a video camera and interviewed people from different mother tongue and asked them about some objects which I found relevant if they thought it was more masculine or feminine and why, aiming for a documentative approach. Then, I could see what will come out of it.

The video done, I realised that the answers vary from people through their culture and their education more than from their mother tongue even if it influenced it.

My conclusion is that It's all about perception and the discovery I made in the language part of The phenomenology of perception by Maurice Merleau-Ponty illustrates exactly what came out of my video which is that we cannot dissociate speech and thoughts, they are interactive, one cannot exist without the other.

To carry on this theme I am considering doing a theatrical performance involving body language.

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