mercredi 15 septembre 2010

The Greatest Sin of All

The Greatest Sin of All is a thought-provoking site-specific promenade performance piece which retells stories of survivors and victims of the vicious Nazi regime, in particular, those from the Jewish Community, political dissenters and the disabled. 
The piece uses the ruined grandeur of the internationally famous Victoria Baths as a sympathetic and emotionally involving backdrop for the production, which took the audience on an intimate journey through the horrors of the period, experiencing through true accounts the personal human devastation felt by so many during this dark chapter in modern history. 
Travel from the war-torn ghettoes of Krakow, through to the raided houses of Berlin and Prague, and finally, to the harrowing emptiness and silence of the Nazi death camps.

I really loved these performances, the Victoria Baths is a beautifull building and the way we were guided through the different performances was original. The audience was really close to the performers because of the limited space of the rooms. This really intimist theatre is one of my favourit kind because you feel like you are involved in the performance and it is a great feeling.

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