dimanche 26 septembre 2010

Liverpool Trip

Crosby Beach

Work Title : Another Place
Artist Name : Antony gormley                                             
Nationality : English
Media : Sculpture
Dimensions : Human size

I really liked this exhibition because it reminded me that i have been in their place many times...dreaming and questioning about life when i was sad or when i needed to find serenity.
My hometown is near to the beach and the winter i used to put on my windbreaker, went to the beach, sat on a tree tronc that the sea brought back on the sand and looked at the horizon.
Are these statues waiting for something? or Are they looking for something? Do they want to escape or are they just looking for new horizons?
Why are they all looking in the same direction and in the same pose?

I believe that this exhibition generates a feeling of an individual nature as well as a universal one. Individual because as i said everyone can identify themselves in questioning the statues thought and universal because everyone has already questioned his/her lives.

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